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Lilac Anemone, Matilda Ellison  




Group psychotherapy with female-to-male transsexuals in Turkey

S Yüksel , I B Kulaksizoğlu , N Türksoy , D Sahin


The change in Turkish law to allow local sex reassignment surgery was passed in May 1988. By law, a candidate for such surgery must obtain a medical certificate attesting that the operation is necessary. However, the law does not specify conditions for granting such a certificate, so any physician can give a certificate based on his own criteria. Sex reassignment surgery can therefore be performed without preoperative psychiatric evaluation and preparation. This is a report of 40 female-to-male transsexuals. They had completed psychiatric assessment and participated in group therapy. These meetings provided a valuable setting for getting to know transsexuals and their families. Participants' long, regular attendance and low dropout rate demonstrate high group cohesion. The aim of the study is to report characteristics of a group of transsexuals living in a different cultural setting from other studies of this patient population in order to identify problems of Turkish transsexuals and advocate changes in current Turkish laws for sex reassignment.




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